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Data privacy and security

Due to importance of these issues here are brief comments regarding the handling of privacy and security for your data during your access to our company services.

Official statement by our company as the Service Provider
We understand and share your concerns regarding the security and privacy.
During Stage 1 and Stage 2 your company Digital Twin running in EU cloud needs accessing some business data updates from your plant. It is required for the continuous calculation of all plant KPIs and generations of the interactive monitoring dashboard and reports.
The data can be made available in MS Excel spreadsheets (Stage 1) or directly received from IoT sensors, smart meters and optional automated systems and employee mobiles used in the production, accounting, warehouse, logistics and others (Stage 2). The access rights to the aggregated holistic information in the interactive monitoring dashboard and reports by concrete users shall authorized by the plant administration representative and will be always transparent for the plant management.

Our legal obligations
Our company GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH is this digital service provider, has its business residence in Austria and operates under strict regulations of the European Union. These services fully comply with the relevant regulations and laws described as GDPR for the customers worldwide.

Our business interests
Beside all the legal obligations, we are fully aware that securing our customers interests is the only way to have our business stable and growing.

How my business privacy is secured technically in practice?
  1. You (or your trusty) receive the full administrator rights at your plant Digital Twin system as of Stage 1. It will let you to control and manage the users who access your company data.
  2. Due to the need of support your team during the Stage 1 and Stage 2, you have to add at least one consultant from our company to the user list. This person will assist you and your employees at learning and adapting Digital Twin your company needs remotely until the moment when you may not need such assistance anymore.
  3. These consultants already signed special legal agreements with GOLEM company regarding the data protection and privacy of our customers prior to their job assignment and have the relevant responsibilities.
  4. Your plant data protection is included into the Service Agreement between your company and our company which is concluded before the implementation of Stage 1.
  5. After the end of Stage 2 your Digital Twin administrator can manage Digital Twin locally and discontinue the access rights of our support persons.
  6. The operational database of the plant Digital Twin is encrypted and stored at the well established secure digital data center in the European Union legal domain.

Data sharing
Our company does not share any information about our customers with any third party.

Full set of legal documents
Complete text is by the following links:
Terms Of Services
Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy
Please feel free to email us at support:

The data controller of your personal information
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