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While running its real-life business, forward-looking entrepreneurs occasionally come across various publications in mass media and the Internet describing new technologies and solutions for their industries. From time to time, new terms appear in these articles and conversations. One of them, called "Digital Twin", has become used increasingly often; however, it is not very clear for many what it means.
Ultra-high temperature (UHT) process is still an essential step in dairy productions to increase the product’s shelf life by inactivating pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms, microbial developments and unwanted enzymes, and improving the sensory properties of dairy products. It also still presents the most efficient aseptic solutions ensuring UHT dairy products with longer-lasting quality and safety.
Of the five senses that livestock possesses, vision is the most leading sense along with hearing and sense of smell that let them evaluate their environment. Since the livestock is a prey class, they have an inbuilt characteristic to fear and avoid the unaccustomed sight, smell, object, sudden noise, and movement. The least stressed livestock is; the better performance it shows for the purpose reared either at a commercial production level or in a small-scale facility.
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