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Digital Assistant for
Diary Plant Manager

Want to know what’s going on quickly?
Without long calls & conversations?
Spot the results, problems, causes anytime anywhere?
Become anxious about your holistic results of the business?
In the office? While at home? In a trip? Speaking to your partner?
Tired of long phone conversations with your assistants?
Consider how this new digital technology can help in your business.

What is it, an Intelligent Digital Twin of a Dairy Plant?

Automatically collects real time data about ongoing business processes from diverse factory data sources
Continuously calculates all performance indicators that are used by factory management
Analyses ongoing and predicted operational statuses for all business areas and the whole plant
Presents holistic business performance & trends at a glance at any time with optional details on demand

How a Digital Twin can help me as a plant manager?

This non-human, AI-driven automatic software system runs in cloud, collects enterprise data, calculates and analyses all business results in real time using multiple KPIs and presents non-biased evidence to a manager any time and at any place acting as a personal Virtual Assistant.
  • Problems
    1. Managers are overloaded with daily events and responsibilities.
    2. Realistic data about business results and ongoing plant operations become known usually with delays leading to inefficiencies and losses which could have been avoided if data is available just in time.
    3. Analising multiple diverse data prepared by employees is time consuming, inefficient and does not provide holistic picture of the plant operations.
  • Solutions
    Despite low margin and tight competition in the diary markers, this new digital technology makes possible to improve business results, savings, operational transparency and sustainability while reducing costs and inefficiencies up to 30%. It introduces an Intelligent Digital Twin of a Dairy Plant interacting with each manager and owner individually with personal Virtual Assistants over mobile phones.
  • Holistic view
    If all business, manufacturing, sales, HR, quality compliance, and many other processes are running well, you can check it all at a glance. If a problem, your personal Virtual Assistant communicating with the Digital Twin will promptly notify and provide details for analyzing the causes quickly to save time and undertake corrective actions.
  • Knowing the trends ahead of time
    It is continuously calculating multiple KPIs at all levels of the business, including production, sales, finance, personnel, compliance with quality & safety standards, etc., estimates optional trends using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and helps to identify and mitigate negative trends early
  • Being informed any time, any place 
    You can check and be updated about the business results and events anytime, anywhere using a mobile device in the office or on your way to the office or at meetings with owners, customers and business partners
  • Artificial Intelligence at your disposal
    There is no need to call other people, spent time waiting for clarification of details and explanations, double check for details. Intelligent Digital Twin provides full transparency of actual processes and detailed evidence-based trustful analytics about the results on demand using its Virtual Assistants to interact with each employee individually considering the roles and access rights.
  • Monitoring
    Digital Twin monitors all plant operations in real time 24/7 and provides the comprehensive trustful vision of business processes and performance without any bias and subjective interpretation, just as it is! Owners and management obtain high operational transparency and AI-driven assistance in achieving best possible business performance and sustainability.
  • Effective Services
    The Intelligent Digital Twin setup and remote maintenance are supported and continuously enhanced by the services provider GOLEM.AT, Austria and comply with security & privacy requirements by European Union known as GDPR.


About the Digital Twin for Dairy Factory
How it collects data?
After its installation, Digital Twin can be linked to all necessary data sources in the factory such as electronic spreadsheets prepared by employees, various sensors, detectors, meters, machines and systems (accounting, quality management, warehouse, etc.). Being connected, it automatically receives the real time data about production, shipments, sales, other business activities and uses it all for continuous calculating of various performance indicators and ongoing statuses of business activities & objects in real time.
We do not have many sensors and IoT.
Can the data be entered manually?
Yes, enterprise employees can enter the ongoing results into their spreadsheets during the day. Then Digital Twin automatically import it into its database and calculate many performance indicators and other business results. This is fast and easy way to try the system use in practice and gain experience. In addition, employees can enter data manually using their mobile phone apps.
Can different plant managers see the results?
Managers can use their mobile devices, tablets, notebooks to see the whole plant performance in the monitoring dashboard, various interactive analytics reports. The reporting is personalized, tuned to a role of concrete department manager. The access to data is continuously controlled by the Digital Twin according to user access rights that are set by the plant administration.
How the operational results are presented?
Monitoring Dashboard represents the ongoing status of the whole plant and statuses of each business area that of interest for a particular manager (e.g. production, specific products, customer sales, shipments, supplies, quality, finance, compliance with standards and regulations, etc.). By a click, the manager gets detailed operational reports and in-depth analytics for each business object status, its predicted trends and anticipated changes.
How difficult are these reporting tools to work with by common users?
The online reports are made to be simple and easy for all users who manage their businesses and doe nor require special education. They provide quick holistic access to all business results and events to easy understand and analyse the causes with minimum effort. One just needs a short introduction and some practice to begin using these tools and then all become quick and easy.
Here are the dashboard and reports pictures (short presentation in PDF to download)
Do I need special skills in Information Technology?
All plant activities are presented in a condensed, yet simple way to view the ongoing events and results at a glance. No special digital skills are necessary beyond those related to common web and mobile applications. However, a manager needs a brief introduction and small practice to learn what Digital Twins presents about the Plant operations and how to use the information effectively in daily work.
Who can access these dashboard and reposts?
The access to any plant report and dashboard depends on a concrete employee authorization, role in the business and data access rights. All these user rights are managed by the Plant owners and Administration. (See security and data protection Section).
Where is this Digital Twin is running and how secure is it?
Plant Digital Twin runs on the PharosN cloud hosted by a globally recognized secure data center operator in Germany under the legal regulations of the European Union. All Digital Twin communications with the plant managers and employees and automatic data collection are encrypted and protected with secure protocols according to latest open source software cybersecurity standards (https, websockets, VPN, etc.). The Plant Database by the Digital Twin is encrypted as well.
Where the system was developed?
The Digital Twin technology was initially developed for UNIDO Department of Agri-Business by our company as new digital application for Agri-Industrial SMEs. It runs on our AI-IoT-driven platform Pharos Navigator® and is adapted for experimental use by the innovative entrepreneurs and companies in dairy sector in 2021.
Can I try all these myself?
Sure! Send us the request for a free trial by filling in the registration form below. We need these details to qualify the inquirer to allocate necessary support time and cloud resources by our specialists.

Please note that this trial offer is valid only for those entrepreneurs, managers and consultants who actively work in this industry and look for applying digital innovations for improving their capacity to effectively and easy monitor their businesses.
Read about free trial implementation stage
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