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Testing & Trials your Digital Twin

How to start with the Digital Twin at your dairy factory processing plant. Set it up with no upfront fee.
Stage 0: Discover and learn free
You send us request which we evaluate and, if qualified, provide you with “Stage 0Free Service Package that has the following components:

  1. A personal Digital Twin of a realistic Dairy Plant running in cloud which you can use to analyze its operations and interact with its reports and events,
  2. Personal introduction into this digital solution implementation and use,
  3. Direct access to this sample Digital Twin operation for 2 weeks to evaluate and experiment,
  4. Answering your possible questions by email.
What is the Dairy Plant at Stage 0 demo?
It is a middle-size dairy plant in a city delivering several dairy products (cheeses, yogurts, etc.) to 3 main customer groups - Restaurants chain, Dairy retailer, Hotels chain. The manufacturing plant has a typical structure of business objects and is easily understandable for managers. The plant Digital Twin demo uses realistic data streams representing relevant daily operations (purchases of raw materials, production, sales to customers, etc.).

The Stage 0 aim is to provide you with the possibility to evaluate this new technology for your business with minimum effort and time.
If I decide to try it what are the conditions?
We offer you the next step as Stage 1. Its aim is to help you replacing the Stage 0 plant data with your plant data. As result the Digital Twin will begin automatically importing it from Excel files prepared by your employees and present your actual manufacturing results and performance. While being similar to the Stage 1 demo, now the Digital Twin will provide the holistic vision of business processes related to your concrete production environment.
Stage 1: Easy, quick practical trial
Stage 1 aim is to provide you with useful experience with minimum efforts, costs and risks while being practical, simple and relevant to your business.
The cost is kept at bare minimum covering the cloud hosting services (~ 200 Euro/month) as promotion of this novel application for innovative and forward-looking entrepreneurs. You can decide about its duration after the Stage 0 and send us the inquiry.
Stage 2: Expanding and Adapting
If Stage 1 application made you convinced that this technology can be useful for your business, you can decide to have the Digital Twin continuously assisting you in managing of your plant and business.

Stage 2 aim is to provide necessary support in adapting, customizing the Stage 1 plant model to the actual enterprise structure, operations, processes, data sources. In other words, to upgrade and tune your Digital Twin data collection and analytics for addressing all your business needs.
What is needed to have Digital Twin representing my business?
Based on you experience after Stage 0 and Stage 1, you formulate the requirements for information that you need from the Digital Twin to assist you in daily business. After its analysis and listening to you we will help you and your team to

  • Modify of the enterprise model structure - business objects, areas of operations,
  • Make relevant indicators in each of the object that can include compliance with international quality standards and norms for its continuing auditing,
  • Describe data sources that are necessary for its calculation,
  • Set other users, e.g. department managers, your secretary, etc., whom Digital Twin shall assist in their daily activities,
  • Formulate the focus reports for each user according to their needs and rights,
  • Provide you and employees with protected mobile apps as Virtual Personal Assistants to interact with the plant Digital Twin in multimodal way by entering data, answering questions, receiving the answers, reviewing special analysis reports according to their roles, etc.).
Stage 2: Expanding and Adapting
During this Stage 2 some Excel spreadsheets as data sources in departments, can be gradually replaced by the sensors, meters, detectors, other IoT and linkages to local machinery and systems running or to be installed at the plant.

In addition, more training may be needed for your specialists and your local consultant to manage your Digital Twin operations locally by themselves.

Further details are provided in the Stage 2 Service Agreement.

What are the costs?
The service fee at Stage 2 has two components:

1. Upgrading and customization of the Digital Twin model to represent your holistic enterprise operation in the necessary detail.
2. Digital Twin running fees in the hosting cloud (including free updating).

The first fee component depends on the complexity of upgrading of the Digital Twin model to include the all business objects, its automatic data collection, specialized reporting, add employees to use Digital Twins services and provide the necessary support. The company owners receive the fee estimation for Stage 2 after the discussion of all necessary features and functions they need from the Digital Twin operation.

While we have to consider all these factors as costs of our services, we will keep these fees at minimum and provide valuable discounts for all those who took part in these experimental prototyping Stages 0-1-2 prior to the final system release.
Increased management power
Consider it as adding many Virtual Manager Assistants to your company team that are intelligent, powerful, knowledgeable, neutral and non-biased workers. Controlled by the Digital Twin, they will communicate with each employee defined by you, individually and become his/her Virtual Assistants (according to the user rights and roles provided). The Digital Twin continuously (i.e. 24/7 day & night, no interruptions, no week-ends, no lunches, vacations and sick-leaves) will look after your business with the main objective: To keep your plant operation as big manufacturing system, being sustainable, efficient, inform you about non-compliances promptly and assist in quick identification of causes.
Full business transparency
You will obtain unprecedented level of transparency of ongoing and future business performance results and processes anytime anywhere. The AI features of Digital Twin will help to be prepared and mitigate possible losses and problems before they appear and enable efficient preemptive management.
Decreased costs of losses, inefficiencies and improved competitiveness

The holistic vision of results and AI will allow significantly decrease the operational costs of manufacturing, improve profitability, sustainability and competitiveness and foster the company survival in increasingly complex, unstable economic and social conditions. In addition, your Digital Twin would be able to offer amazing powerful support in the simulation of your business development options in the future such as new products, technologies, markets and suppliers.
Artificial Intelligence
Finally: Used in daily life, this advanced technology solution will lead your company into incoming digital economy and society where AI is one of the prime factors of business competitiveness and company ability to address new business and market challenges. You and your team become prepared to run the business in a digital age, implement Industry 4.0 concepts and manage all own operations if necessary (users & data administration, plant model structure, date sources, sustainability rules, relations with partners, etc.).
All these three Stages make the introduction of this new digital technology painless, risk free and minimize its overall costs or ownership.
Welcome to contact us to discuss further details!
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